The fastest spider lift type work platform in its class

Drive speed up to 4,5 km/h makes Leguan the fastest spider lift type work platform on the market. All Leguan work platforms have a simultaneus operation for all boom movements. Leguan work platform can be raised and lowered diagonally. Leguan range of work platforms are offered with a four wheel drive or with over dimensioned off-road tracks. A jockey wheel in front of the work platform is ideal for delicate surfaces such as grass, building foundations and paving. Leguan work platforms are designed for all terrain drive and for this reason Leguan spider lifts are equipped with with over dimensioned off-road tracks, robust steel plate protection and high ground clearance.

Leguan Lifts is a Finnish work platform manufacturer specialized in spider lifts

Leguan Lifts was the first compact spider lift manufacturer who, in 1994, introduced to the market self propelled work platforms, equipped with outriggers - commonly called as spider lifts.

From the very beginning, Leguan has been co-operating with Avant Tecno Oy. Leguan design of work platforms has capitalised on Avant Tecno.s expertise in manufacturing compact wheel loaders with hydraulic transmission. The original Leguan concept was created by combining the knowledge of work platforms and wheel loaders.

All Leguan work platforms are self propelled and offered with a choice of tyres, but what separates the concept from self propelled boom lifts and cherry pickers is a compact size, lighter weight and a higher gradeability. This provides more versatile driving and lifting features - especially on a challenging terrain. No wonder Leguans are called as all terrain work platforms.

Easy transportation is a key for all work platforms. Leguan work platforms are easy to move on site as well as off the site. Leguan work platform can be moved with a special light weight trailer and the work platform can be operated directly from the trailer. The Leguan concept combines the best features of trailer mounted work platforms and self propelled boom lifts.