Efficient with Good Outreach - LEGUAN 165

Leguan 165 is a boom lift for heavy use providing functions that fulfill the needs of even the most quality-conscious professional.

Leguan 165 offers features that are not normally seen in this class of compact access platforms. One of the major trump cards is the strong and solid boom construction which allows 230 kg platform capacity over the whole working area. This means two persons can safely operate the machine, or alternatively one person can take a lot of tools and equipment on the platform with him.

As Leguan 165 can be operated with max. platform capacity over the whole lifting area, the construction of the machine is considerably more straight forward. This increases user friendliness also, because the operator doesn’t have to worry about different platform capacities with different outreaches of the booms.

Load control system is naturally standard equipment on the Leguan 165. This feature makes operation safe and easy: if max. platform capacity is exceeded, there is an alarm that warns the operator and boom movements will stop.