Leguan 125 is designed for professional use as lightweight, simple, and inexpensive lift.

Leguan Lifts is the only manufacturer to offer its access platforms both with a chassis on wheels and with a crawler track chassis. This is the case also with Leguan 125: it is available either with hydraulic four wheel drive or with a robust crawler track chassis.

The biggest advantage of a four wheel drive chassis is versatility. Thanks to the suspension effect of the rubber tyres it is much more comfortable to drive an access platform with tyres on even and solid surfaces.  All-terrain capabilities are also sufficient for almost all circumstances because of the hydraulic four wheel drive, and drive speed is also higher compared with an access platform with crawler track chassis.

The most important advantages of a crawler track chassis are a bigger contact surface to the ground and, thanks to increased machine width, a better sideways stability. The bigger contact surface improves traction especially on soft and uneven terrains (e.g. in the forest or on snow).