Reliable and versatile - LEGUAN 190

Leguan 190 is the our flagship model providing outstanding working height and a wide variety of functions to meet the demands of professional use.

Leguan 190 is the only access platform in its class to offer a two cylinder, 14 hp liquid cooled diesel engine. This reliable and durable Kubota engine is made for heavy duty professional use. In addition to reliability, the high torque and pleasant noise level of the engine are features valued by the customers.

As an option the Leguan 190 can be equipped with 230V electric propelling. All functions of the machine (drive, outriggers and booms) can be operated with the electric motor when the Leguan is connected to 230V mains current.

The electric propelling option is very useful when working indoors or when a very low operating noise level is required. It is also often practical to drive the Leguan to the work site using the combustion engine, then connect it to 230V and operate the booms with electric propelling. This way the operation is very silent and fuel costs remain as low as possible.