- 4WD
- hydraulic telescope
- Honda GX390 13 Hp - petrol engine
- electric starter for Honda
- platform load control 135 kg / 200 kg
- hydraulic outriggers
- LED display for outriggers
- hour meter
- Set Up – outrigger control
- emergency lowering from platform and ground level
- CE - certification
- double pump (double speed)
- hydraulic automatic brakes on drive motors
- color: green RAL6018/ gray RAL7016 or
- color: red RAL3000 / gray RAL7016
- red / white warning tape on basket or
- yellow / black  warning tape on basket
- tyres: grass type or
- tyres: tractor type



- rubber tracks instead of wheels
- two outlets 230 V (110 V) at platform
- 230 V (110 V) motor - propelling power unit (also driving)
- lower controls
- hose to platform (compressed air / water)
- green plastic pads (4 pcs) on outrigger plates
- larger  plates for outriggers separately (4 pcs)
- jockey wheel
- non-marking white tyres instead of normal
- rubber tyres
- non-marking white rubber tracks / set instead of - black tracks
- electric choke for Honda engine on platform
- flash lights (5 pcs) with on / off switch
- booster points 12 V
- safety harness with rope
- safety harness with fast fitting, flexi rope and bag
- Leguan trailer (total weight 2 000 kg)
- studded tyres for trailer 155 R 13 (rim + tyre) / set
- tyres cloth bags for delicate surfaces (4 pcs)
- filled tyres grass or tractor type

Leguan 125 video 2011

Leguan 125 rubber tracks 2013


Leguan brochure 2015

Leguan 125 is designed for professional use as lightweight, simple, and inexpensive lift.


Leguan really shows its versatility in different stages on the building site. Thanks to the intelligent boom design the outreach is excellent. You can get to the very difficult-to-reach places quickly and safely. The Leguan works well both in outdoors and indoors use.


All works related to building - erecting the framework, installation of air conditioning and electric appliances, masonry, plastering, interior construction and painting – are the specialities of the Leguan.


Industrial maintenance

The same features as in construction are important in industrial maintenance as well. Fast and easy transportation, dual propelling system with combustion engine/electric motor and excellent outreach make Leguan the right choice for many different industry maintenance jobs.


Special works

Leguan has been the right choice for many very special jobs. It is working as a maintenance machine on a luxury cruise ship; helps trimming trees on Christmas tree farms; is used in various rescue jobs etc. This shows very well the versatility of the Leguan and its usefulness in a multitude of jobs.


Rental companies

The customer base of the Leguan is very wide. It is very well suited for private users, construction companies, installation companies, as well as for industrial maintenance. The uncomplicated design of the Leguan makes it a very reliable and trouble free access platform.


For rental companies the Leguan is a very productive and reliable partner.