Lightweight and easy to use personal lift.

Economical price and easy operation make the Leguan 50 an ideal access platform for many customer groups:


Leguan 50 mounted on Avant loader moves easily on the work site, also in difficult terrains, and it can be set up almost anywhere. The Leguan and Avant are easy to transport e.g. on a trailer from one work site to another, which makes the work even more flexible.


Easy transportation and fast transfers on the work sites make the Leguan 50 an excellent small lift for industrial maintenance tasks. The compact and useful Leguan is easy and fast to set up both inside the buildings and outdoors.


There are countless places on the farm where persons need to be lifted to work at height. The 5 m working height of the Leguan 50 is sufficient for a multitude of painting, maintenance, cleaning and similar jobs – safely and in compliance with the safety standards.

Rental companies:

Leguan 50 is an excellent choice for rental companies, especially for those who already have Avant loaders in their fleet. The access platform that mounts on the Avant like any other attachment is an excellent way of increasing the versatility and the rent out rate of the Avant.