Ramirent is a Finnish construction equipment rental company. Leguan Lifts provides them with access platforms that excel in their ability to operate in difficult terrains and locations.

Ramirent was acquired by Loxam Group in the summer of 2019. Together, they make the Europe’s biggest equipment rental company and the third biggest in the whole world.

– In total, we have over 20 Leguan access platforms at our disposal, says Juho Perälä, who works as the Product Manager of Lifts at Ramirent.

– Even at this moment, over 75% of their lifts have been rented out so they are in heavy use. Normally, access platforms can be used from the start of spring until the end of fall, but Leguan platforms can be used all year round, he continues.

Crawler Track Chassis Enables Usage Almost Anywhere

In addition to the platforms being weatherproof, they are extremely versatile. They can be operated in difficult terrains that would likely be inaccessible for other lifts.

– There aren’t that many manufacturers who provide access platforms that can be operated almost anywhere. Due to the crawler track chassis, the lifts are operable in uneven terrains, such as forests or snowy environments, Perälä reveals.

Agile Delivery Times and Good Customer Support

Perälä also gives Leguan Lifts credit for their fast delivery times – after a new machine has been ordered, it is ready to be rented out to a customer very quickly.

– The support we get from Leguan Lifts has been very good as well. If spare parts are needed, they get them to us very swiftly, he says.

– At Ramirent, we have a lot of experience of working with different lifts and lift manufacturers. Leguan Lifts always provides us with reliable and good-quality machinery, Perälä concludes.

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