Update on the impact of COVID-19 on our business

The Covid-19 outbreak has not impacted our production capacity and there are no confirmed infections among our personnel. The COVID-19 outbreak and the instructions by the Finnish government are taken seriously, and we support remote work of personnel capable of doing so. Extra emphasis has been also given to promote social distancing at workplace, and added hygiene, including good availability of hand sanitisers in all premises to avoid the safety of our personnel.

We are stocked with critical components until summer holidays to maintain full production capacity. Strong order basis coming to the crisis, has kept our production busy until these days, for which we want to thank our excellent distributor network around the world.

The after sales team provides full technical support and spare parts shipments are made on daily basis. Freight delays and extra costs are expected to remain in place during the coming weeks, as the market tries to adapt to a new situation. We are making our best to keep up to promised shipping schedules despite the challenges.

Pirkanmaa region has had under 10 daily cases of COVID-19 infections for the past two weeks, and we hope that the outbreak is largely in control. At the same time, many of our partners are reporting of first actions towards gradual opening of the economic activities around Europe. We remind for everyone to stay safe and to follow the instructions of their local governments to make sure we can suppress the pandemic and possible second wave.

Leguan Lifts Team