Leguan Lifts transforms how businesses operate

Leguan 160 has transformed the way business can operate

Mike Hamilton’s company Roots to Shoots offers tree surgeon services in the southwestern parts of the UK. Roots to Shoots has acquired a Leguan 160 access platform that has enabled them to find business opportunities in places where there were none before.

Hamilton had been looking for a new access platform for several years but none of them were anything to get enthusiastic about. Then he went to a trade show and saw the Leguan 160.

– It immediately caught my eye but a kid jumped into the basket ahead of me. I had to leave them my details because I was very interested in getting a demonstration, Hamilton laughs.

– When I eventually got to try the machine out, my reaction was just ’wow, this is the machine I’ve been looking for’.

Nothing else like it in the market

What’s different about the Leguan compared to the machines from other manufacturers is how sturdy it is.

– When you’re up there and get a bit of wind, some of the other machines tend to move and swirl around a lot. That’s not an issue with the Leguan. You feel very safe and secure in comparison to the other machines I’ve used. It just feels great, I can’t really put it in any other way, Hamilton describes.

Roots to Shoots is a two-man company so it’s essential for them to have the right kind of tools and equipment.

– When we have the correct machinery, we really don’t need any extra staff. We’ve also actually had a plethora of business we otherwise wouldn’t have had because of the Leguan, Hamilton says.

Customer service is the icing on the cake

In addition to the great experiences with the machine itself, it has also been fun to do business with Leguan as a company.

– I’ve felt valued and looked after as a customer. It’s great to have that peace of mind knowing that the backup service is there, Hamilton says.

– I very much look forward to seeing what Leguan brings out in the future because, at least to me and my business, the Leguan 160 has been excellent. I’m over the moon with their product, he concludes.

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