Leguan 190 helps a tree care company take down any tree – fast and safely

Cutting down trees in the city area is often not a walk in the park. One must take into account the location of the tree in question, its surroundings and the safety of the people involved. JS Monipalvelu wanted to be able to cut down trees in challenging places faster, safer and without having to climb them. When they saw an advertisement from Leguan, they were intrigued right away. After trying one out, they immediately bought the Leguan 190 spider lift – and have not regretted their decision.

Since 2005, JS Monipalvelu has worked with cutting trees, clearing power lines, and offering garden services in Finland. In recent years, more and more customers have contacted JS Monipalvelu to come and cut down a tree in their yard.

– We are specialized in cutting down trees that are mostly located in challenging places. That means the trees can only be cut down in pieces, explains Jussi Mäkinen from JS Monipalvelu.

– We used to rent an aerial work platform truck, but they are so big that we cannot get them close to the tree that needs to be cut down. Then we must climb the tree to cut it, he continues.

Leguan 190 has great operability even off-road

Mäkinen and his co-workers are used to working on uneven grounds and even partly in the woods. They see Leguan’s operability even off-road as one of its greatest assets: it can go up a steep hill and over bumpy patches. In addition to having to deal with uneven terrains, Mäkinen constantly battles with having very little space around the tree itself.

– One major advantage of Leguan for us is that it can be remotely controlled to a certain spot. This way we can fit even to the tightest spots when we have a 360-degree view on the machine. There are never any blind corners, Mäkinen praises.

As the Leguan 190 is agile and compact in size, it can be moved from one side of the tree to another whenever needed. This saves up plenty of time, which means JS Monipalvelu can offer their customers services at a reasonable price.

“I think it is a very functional piece of equipment”

Prior to buying the Leguan 190, JS Monipalvelu had very little experience on working with machines like Leguans. Nevertheless, it took them no time at all to learn how to get the most out of it in the field.

– We got a good user training at the factory, and the machine itself is easy to use, Mäkinen says.

All in all, Mäkinen is happy to use the Leguan 190 on a daily basis.

– We chose Leguan, because it has a crawler track chassis, it is made in Finland and I have heard great things about it. I think it is a very functional piece of equipment, Mäkinen summarizes.

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