Leguan Lifts brings challenging targets well within reach

The Leguan 225 is a high-performance access platform with a user-friendly smart control interface. The all-terrain spider lift features a boom construction designed for maximum reach in diverse circumstances.

The Leguan 225 is among Leguan Lifts’ newer products and was introduced into the French market in 2023. SBRV is a company in France specializing in the sale and repair of equipment for public works and agriculture, and the Leguan 225 is one of the products in the company’s catalog.

SBRV’s Sebastien Boubert says his company is demonstrating the machine in various situations to display its capabilities. The lift can be outfitted with either the standard larger platform to accommodate two users or a narrower platform for one person to access tighter spaces more conveniently.

The market’s most user-friendly joystick control has revolutionized the use of the spider lift

In the case of Veinard & Fils, an arborist company focusing on tree services such as pruning and trimming, the requirements called for a Leguan 225 with the smaller platform installed. According to the company’s Julien Veinard, the lift has made the work easier and safer. Large trees can now be worked on from start to finish without needing to change the equipment’s setup during the task. This is owing to the extensive reach of the boom structure and the versatility of movement that the Leguan 225 provides.

– Leguan 225 is the only machine that can make all possible movements with such user-friendly and smooth joystick controls. This makes it easier enter the crown of the tree. Once we have it set up at a certain spot, we can do the whole tree in one go.

Comfortable and adaptable operation

From its initial lowest position all the way up to the maximum working height of 22.5 meters, the lift extends and retracts in a very smooth and stable manner across the boom’s full range of movement. This lack of any abrupt or jarring motions is very comfortable for the operator. Moreover, the platform’s path down to the transport position and back up into the working space is easily controlled with the home function and back to work position function. This consistency makes the machine readily adaptable for each situation, as the lift’s highly predictable movement patterns can be reliably considered when planning an undertaking.

Automatic levelling is designed to work effortlessly even on slopes

Furthermore, Boubert points out that the Leguan 225 provides impressive accessibility relative to its size. It has a tracked drive and off-road features that enable it to move on very bumpy terrain, such as fields, and it’s even suitable for indoor use.

– In addition to the diesel engine it has an electric motor permitting indoor use, such as working on windows in a cathedral, without polluting emissions or noise.

Rising above any challenge

Veinard says he has found the product very useful for its flexibility and easy operation even under challenging conditions. One of the difficulties that his company encountered before was setting up on an incline. This is not a problem with the Leguan 225, as it can handle fairly steep slopes without sacrificing stability. The machine can be controlled with intuitive remote controller as an optional feature, and its outriggers level the lift automatically at the push of a single button.

– With a previous machine, we had to level it manually with plates and determine for ourselves whether it was straight. Now we don’t need to do that anymore.

As a convenient spider lift with advanced features that make the work safer and faster for his company, Veinard commends the utility of the Leguan 225 for arborists.

– The keyword with this machine is safety before all else, and profitability.

Julien Veinard purchased a new Leguan 225 spider lift in 2023
Thanks to its all-terrain tracked chassis and user-friendly joystick control, Leguan 225 can tackle even challenging sites
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