Leguan Lifts unveils new brand image

Spider lift manufacturer Leguan Lifts, a subsidiary of the Avant Tecno from Finland, refreshes their brand image by unveiling its new logo and brand design. This vibrant new logo represents the technological innovations and modern industrial design that the new generation Leguan Lifts products are known for. The new brand image is designed to convey a message of an industry-leading self-propelled access platform manufacturer.

The elements of the new logo reflect the core product in a recognizable way, and the consistent use of the brand colors ensures strong impact for the brand’s visual identification. The green color is used to highlight the main elements representing the founding identity of Leguan Lifts. The new brand image is designed to be used in harmony with all the group subsidiaries emphasizing strong roots as a part of Avant group. The design of the brand materials will be well-balanced and organized to allow more versatile use in digital media and offline platforms.

The changeover will be implemented step-by-step starting from North America and moving on to the rest of the world during the first half of 2021.


For more information:

Jori Mylläri, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Leguan Lifts Oy

+358 50 3705 838, jori.myllari(a)avanttecno.com


To be published on 11th of January 2021.