“We can drive through a wet meadow with a Leguan spider lift”

When one works a lot on off-road sites, it is important to have equipment that can easily be transported and used on all terrains. For years, Antonín Kirpál from Czech Republic has used Leguan spider lifts to get all types of jobs done – fast and safely.

Kirpál works in the construction industry as an electrician. The company he works for concentrates mostly on tree care. In other words, they prevent trees from falling on high voltage lines. Their work often requires working in challenging terrains and conditions. Kirpál is happy that they no longer have to climb trees, because they can use one of their Leguan self-propelled access platforms instead.

– Before we bought our first Leguan, the Leguan 165, we had to climb trees to treat or cut them down. It took us hours. Today, we can do the same job in a matter of minutes, Kirpál praises.

They were so pleased with the Leguan 165, that they bought the new Leguan 190 to further speed up their work.

– We opted for the Leguan 190 thanks to its side reach and terrain accessibility. It was an easy choice to make, he continues.

Exceptional off-road capabilities ease daily work

For Kirpál’s work, it is essential that the spider lift can easily be towed with an off-road vehicle and that you can move it close to the tree.

– The most important factor for us has been the mobility in rough terrains. We can drive through a wet meadow with a Leguan, or any other challenging terrain conditions that we face daily, Kirpál explains.

In addition to being easily transportable, the Leguans can be moved from one side of the tree to another very quickly thanks to their automatic outrigger leveling. That is a huge advantage, because it boosts effectiveness without having to compromise anyone’s safety.

– I am pleased with the speed of setting up a Leguan and especially with how quickly they can be moved from one place to another during a job, Kirpál praises.


Great outreach speeds up any job

Working outdoors often means that one has to think on their feet to get the job done. The job has to be done no matter how challenging the conditions are. Kirpál is happy with how Leguan has eased their work.

– Thanks to the great side reach that the Leguans provide, it is possible to set them relatively far from the object that is being worked on. It can be used in all possible situations: while working on trees or on roofs. Leguan spider lifts are very versatile, he concludes.

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