Leguan is the spider lift of choice for the Rally Champion

Ott Tänak, the winner of the World Rally Championship 2019, acquired over a century-old farm to escape the stress and large crowds of the rally championship career. When the roof construction project was starting, Ott realised he would need a self-propelled access platform that allows them to complete the job. Ott was surprised how useful the Leguan 190 turned out to be for many other projects too.


Leguan proved its worth on the job site

The 15-hectare estate consists of fields, forest and old buildings surrounded by massive oak and apple trees. There will be also a small pond and a sauna nearby the future main house, and the plan is to construct an outdoor exercise route in the forest. Since the beginning of the project, Ott had an Avant loader that has been a reliable tool for various jobs on site. The Leguan that they received afterwards has proved its worth when renovating the old buildings, and during the tree care and hedge cutting projects.

Out of the all the jobs, the most demanding so far was the renovation of the old horse stable that is to become the future guest house. Ott mentioned he was amazed of the up-and-over reach of the Leguan 190 that made it possible to reach even the most far away corners of the roof. The Leguan was also a great tool for various tree care jobs due to the compact size and all-terrain capabilities that made it possible to enter through narrow pathways and rough terrain, without destroying the lawn. Such jobs wouldn’t have been possible with heavier sized lifting equipment. In addition, the Leguan 190 was used for electric installations and hedge cutting. In total, the Leguan has been in use well over hundred hours during the summer.

“I am really satisfied with the small fuel consumption, as there were many over 10-hour working days and having the need to fill the tank constantly would have meant unnecessary breaks”, describes Ott about the fuel economy of the Leguan 190.


With a Leguan you can reach the target destination with ease

Having rented mainly trailer mounted aerial lifts in the past, Ott mentioned that Leguan made the job much easier. Trailer mounted aerial lifts aren’t always useful because moving them without the car is inefficient, and to reach most places it’s necessary to have a self-propelled all-terrain capable access platform.

”Leguan is more versatile, because you can reach the destination directly and it’s easy to move the spider lift even on uneven sections of the yard that are often covered in mud”, says Ott.

The other personnel employed by the project had positive experiences of Leguan too. According to them the Leguan 190 was easier to use than the lifts they have previously used. The Leguan 190 received positive feedback for the highest engineering quality and robust boom structure. They added that the hydraulics of the Leguan allow smooth and accurate movements of the booms, which improve the safety of the operation.

The construction project will continue yet another two years and Ott believes the Leguan will be required still for many jobs in the future.

“When choosing an access platform for future projects, I will definitely choose a Leguan”, concludes Ott.

Simeri Estonia OÜ is the official distributor of Leguan Lifts in Estonia. The headquarters of the company are in Paide and they provide after sales service to multiple access platform brands around Estonia.