Leguan Lifts enables Malerei Fischbacher AG to take on more jobs annually

Malerei Fischbacher AG is a professional painting company that is based in Niederuzwil, Switzerland. They are experts in many different areas, such as doing facades and industrial painting as well as serving private customers in general. A common denominator for all their work is that it often requires accessing high places and they need the ability to adapt to any given circumstances. The company has worked with Leguan Lifts access platforms for some time now and have only positive things to say about them.

We are currently in Henau St. Gallen, where Malerei Fischbacher AG washed the surface of the house yesterday and will paint the facades today. They have brought altogether three Leguans with them to be able to work as efficiently as possible.

– When we work with Leguans, we don’t need to waste any time putting up a scaffolding. Instead, we can bring the Leguans to the site with a trailer and get to work right away. This saves us time, says Christian Fischbacher, an employee at Malerei Fischbacher.

Easy-to-use platform controls

When the Leguans are brought to the site, the operator can maneuver them with a simple and easy to use drive control. The Leguans can be moved and levelled automatically even on uneven grounds with one control panel while standing on the platform.

– The latest addition to the Leguans we already had, has a handy joystick with which we can control both the wheels and the telescopic boom. Furthermore, when I press one button, it levels itself automatically on any ground, and we can trust that it is set up perfectly, Fischbacher explains.

– We bought the new 135 NEO, which is only 90 centimeters wide so that we can access even smaller spaces. So far, we haven’t come across a terrain where it wouldn’t work on. In my personal opinion, the Leguans’ ability to level themselves automatically is their best feature, he continues.

Higher efficiency means more jobs annually

For Malerei Fischbacher AG being efficient means that they get every single job done fast. When they succeed in spending less time on each job by using the Leguans instead of scaffolding, they have the possibility to do more projects with the same manpower.

– Thanks to Leguan Lifts, we are able to take on more jobs annually, because we can work faster. In addition, many customers prefer us to use the access platforms, as it makes the work simpler and cheaper, Fischbacher concludes.

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