Leguan 135 NEO makes property maintenance a breeze

Leguan Lifts are agile in tight environments

Jokita Oy has been using a Leguan 135 NEO spider lift for a year now. It has introduced a new level of efficiency and safety for jobs that can’t be performed with regular ladders. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the lift receives special praise for its ease of use and versatility.

Jokita Oy provides property maintenance, security, machine rental and care services in Joutsa, Finland. They acquired their first Leguan Lifts access platform about 15 years ago.

– We originally purchased a spider lift for our own property maintenance needs. Some work sites can’t be reached safely with ladders: flagpoles, drainpipes, lighting fixtures, and so on. An access platform was really a must, says Jokita foreman Tino Toivonen.

Versatile features speed up work

The new lift has become a hit among both Jokita’s own staff as well as their rental customers. Instructing customers is easy, and the user doesn’t have to be a property maintenance professional in order to use the spider lift safely.

– We can provide a myriad of services with this lift. At the same time, it complements our other rental equipment. It is very popular especially in the summer among cottage owners, leisure residents, and local entrepreneurs, Toivonen sums up.

– The best thing about the Leguan are its features. It’s easy to transport thanks to the Leguan trailer. It can also be operated without unloading the trailer which speeds things up a lot. The platform rises to 11.5 meters so you can reach work heights up to 13.5 meters, Toivonen elaborates.

Operate work platform with out unloading from trailer
Leguan Lifts can also be operated without unloading the trailer which speeds things up a lot

Track platform reaches even the roughest of terrains

A new feature in the Leguan 135 NEO is that, unlike our previous models, it features a track platform instead of tires. The tracks make the spider lift easy to operate even in rough terrains. Automatic levelling brings speed and ease to setting up the platform.

– If you need to reach work sites in challenging terrains or move through narrow gaps, all you have to do is unload the lift from the trailer. The tracks give you access to all the harder-to-reach spots. This naturally also makes work a lot faster, Toivonen says.

– You can drive this spider lift indoors as well. Thanks to the electric motor, there are no emissions. Just plug it into the wall, and you’re good to go, Toivonen continues.

A new level of safety

According to Toivonen, the secret behind Leguan Lifts’ and Jokita’s long partnership is Leguan’s Finnish origin and their reliable, fast service. You can reach someone on the phone even at six in the evening if needed.

– We’ve always had a close rapport with Leguan Lifts. They provide us with information and advice, especially in the rare event of malfunctions. They also keep us well-informed about updates related to the equipment. The collaboration has been smooth, and we haven’t had any reason to consider a different brand, Toivonen says.

– I can recommend Leguan Lifts to everyone. They really make work a lot safer. Ladders are easy to fall from, and you don’t even have to fall from very high to hurt yourself. A spider lift is a much safer option, Toivonen emphasizes.

Leguan 135 makes work fast and safe
Get straight to the work with Leguan 135 Neo
Operate lift without exiting the basket
Leguan Lifts are safe and easy to use in all environments
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