Leguan 190 provides more outreach than other similar sized aerial lifts

Thomas Hans Zillhardt runs his company Treeval Baumkontrolle & Pflege, which is focused on doing tree care and tree inspections. The company is based in a small German village called Brodenbach, but thanks to their easily movable gear, they can work wherever needed in Germany.

Zillhardt’s work includes doing visual tree assessments, performing necessary tree care and trimming necessary branches. His clients vary from big cities to private individuals, so his gear needs to be able to adapt to the current situation fast.

– We work all over Germany which is why we decided to get a Leguan 190. It’s compact to move, but we still get the needed height with it. It’s actually around 1,5 meters shorter in transport than similar machines with the same reach, Zillhardt says.

Compact size saves valuable time 

When Zillhardt has a job to do, he puts his Leguan on a trailer and drives to the job with his car. Once he’s on site, he unloads the Leguan and steers it where it needs to go.

– The compact size saves us time, as I need to park it at the right spot. This is so much easier to do, when the machine is compact to begin with, Zillhardt explains.

– After parking it, I only need to push one button, and it levels itself. These two aspects make it simply unbelievably valuable, he continues.

Worth its weight in gold

As every job is unique, the gear must be able to perform in various different settings and according to the safety standards.

– One of Leguan’s huge advantages is the well-designed platform operation panel, which allows me to control every boom individually with ease. If something were to happen to me while I’m up, my colleague can get me down safely, as it can be operated also from the ground. It really is well thought through from front to bottom, Zillhardt states.

Most importantly, Zillhardt appreciates the flexibility of the machine. He can move himself around in the air, since the Leguan is so well balanced on the ground. He doesn’t always have to go down, move it a bit and then come back up again.

– I’ve been blown away about how much it can do. I can only recommend all others doing tree care to try the machine out, as it really is worth its weight in gold to me, he concludes.

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