Leguan Lifts raise the standard

Willow River Company has been using a spider lift by Leguan Lifts in its tree care and landscaping work. Trevor Novacek shares the positive experience they have had working with the machine.

The company’s choice of a Leguan spider lift was based on several considerations. For one, the Leguan is simply faster than the competition, improving efficiency. Another important factor is versatility as the lift can be used under various conditions. It is also easy and intuitive to use. Furthermore, its professional appearance sends customers the right message.

Versatility increases the options

A great benefit of the Leguan is that it can be operated in various terrain and different conditions. Novacek says the company previously used a bucket truck, and the Leguan has been an upgrade in all respects.

– Its ability to move and function during the cold months is quite a bit better than other lifts I’ve tested in the past. You can go into backyards, up steep hills, and on even terrain.

Novacek finds the lift’s compact size to be convenient as this means access into tight spaces. He says some jobs that the company previously couldn’t do due to unsafe conditions or inaccessible locations are no longer an issue.

– We are doing jobs we couldn’t do without the machine. Whether it be trees that are unsafe to climb, or tight places, things that we just couldn’t handle climbing ourselves. Now we can get to almost anything with the lift.

Ease of use allows focusing on the work

The last thing you want is for your equipment to bog you down while trying to get the job done. Novacek reports that this is not a problem with the Leguan.

– The ease of the controls is awesome. It has two driving levers, a toggle switch for each leg to go down and an auto levelling feature. It’s very self-explanatory and not hard at all.

Another feature Novacek has found advantageous is that the lift can be operated either in the basket or outside it. It can be driven around and set up without having to exit the basket.

High-grade equipment projects a professional image

Appearances matter when dealing with customers. Looking the part instills people with a sense that they have trusted the job in the hands of true professionals. The Leguan gives a highly convincing impression.

– It looks professional. You come in there with a good piece of equipment, and to homeowners that looks like you know what you’re doing.

Based on his experience overall, Novacek is impressed with the Leguan.

– Just all in all, it’s a great little machine.


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