Perfect spider lift for tree work

When doing tree care, it is critical to have agile equipment that can easily be moved around. Otherwise, the only option usually is to climb the trees. Gaart & Beem is a Luxembourgish company specializing in tree care and has struggled with this issue. They operate both with private customers as well as municipalities which means that they need to squeeze their equipment through sometimes very narrow pathways to get to the tree in question. To get each job done safely without having to climb the tree, they decided to get a Leguan 190 – and have been very happy with their purchase.

When operating on customers’ grounds, one has to be prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure their own safety while getting the job done.

– Before we had the Leguan 190, we sometimes had to climb the trees, because we could not get our equipment close to the tree we operated on, says Vincent Piaia, the Managing Director at Gaart & Beem.

Leguan 190 is a popular spider lift for tree care jobs around roads and houses

It was easy for them to invest in a Leguan 190, as they already have an Avant loader from the same Avant Tecno Group. Piaia has been happy not only with their Avant loader but also with the people from local distributor Avant Machinery he has dealt with directly.

– The people at Avant Machinery are all very friendly, competent, and helpful, he continues.

The customer is satisfied in dealing with the Leguan distributor Avant Machinery from Belgium

Better access and more flexibility

Leguans are easy to move around and compact in size, enabling users to fit them through even the tightest of spots. This reduces the amount of time used in setting up on-site.

– We are very excited about the flexibility and the possible use cases the Leguan 190 enables us, Piaia says excitedly.

In addition, the Leguan 190 has made tree care jobs simpler, safer, and overall easier.

– It is perfect for this job. Thanks to having a Leguan, we do not have to climb trees, and the jobs become less physically demanding as well, he concludes.

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