Agile all-terrain Leguan brings ease to working on walls

Finnish company Stroitel Oy manufactures aluminum facade structures with over 40 years of experience. Operating from Kauhava, the family business is a flexible and trusted partner in projects both small and large throughout Finland.

– Our work often features working along walls which requires an access platform. We have previously rented spider lifts from construction companies and rental agencies, but we got to thinking that maybe we should own one ourselves, Stroitel’s production manager Risto Laakso recounts.

A Finnish lift for a Finnish company

After conducting research on the vast selection of available lifts on the market, Stroitel chose the track-platformed Leguan 190 as their new workhorse. The fact that Leguan manufactures their lifts in Finland was a key factor in their decision.

– The Leguan performs very well in any terrain, and thanks to its small size it is easy to transport with a trailer. The Leguan leaves next to no imprints on grass despite its track platform, Laakso says.

Automatic outrigger levelling is one of Leguan’s advanced features.

Automatic levelling makes setting up a breeze

Proud Leguan owners since June, the new lift has garnered praise thanks to its great all-terrain capabilities at Stroitel. The automatic levelling function has also been a hit with installation workers.

– I recommend Leguan lifts to all companies with worksites that require working on walls and vertical surfaces, as well as working heights that cannot be reached with scaffolding. The Leguan is a great machine especially if you’re working alone. You can fit two guys in the basket, but three’s too many, Laakso sums up.

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