After sales engineer Riku Lehto is leaving due to being offered another position in his home town and has chosen to move there in the beginning of 2018. We would like to thank Riku for his contributions towards Leguan Lifts over the past years and wish him the best of success in his future endeavors.

On the same occasion, Leguan Lifts has updated the organization and the
roles in the company. Riku’s replacement in After Sales and Techical Support will be Mikko Toivanen. Mikko has already been responsible for training, documentation and electrical engineering of Leguan products for the past few years.
Contact details:
Mikko Toivanen
mikko.toivanen@avanttecno.com or spareparts.leguan@avanttecno.com
Mobile: +358 50 589 1365
Mikko will also be the correct contact person in matters related to training or documentation.
In case Mikko is not available product development engineer Niko Hämäläinen will gladly assist you in any matter:
Niko Hämäläinen
Mobile: +358 50 589 1358.
In addition, we have strengthened the support organization with a new employee. Riku Pöysti will start in spare parts sales on January 2nd 2018.He will be using Riku Lehto’s old mobile phone number +358 50 364 1070.

Season’s greeting and best wishes for a Merry Christmas,
Antti Otava
Managing director
+358 50 589 1387

Posted by: Antti Sareela
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