Leguan spider lifts are found at airport construction sites, plant and house construction, and renovation projects both small and large. Leguan’s aerial platforms are easy to transport and compact in size enabling you to access any target without having to set up scaffolding or climb up to a roof. Efficient features such as automatic setup and user-friendly controls ensure that projects are finished safely and quickly.

Premium performance in any terrain

Our lifts won’t let you down even in the harshest of conditions, and they are equally at home in Finland’s arctic climate as well as the scorching heat of Australia. A weather-proof and intuitive control panel and high-quality hydraulic design ensure that you can work more efficiently and without pause.

Protected chassis with high clearance

Compact Leguan platforms give you access to targets that most other lifts cannot reach. Thanks to their high clearance, our lifts are easy to transport from one location to another, and an armored base ensures that even the rockiest terrains pose no issue.

Looking for a Leguan distributor?

Looking for a Leguan distributor?

Leguan Lifts works in close collaboration with our major customers and international distributors to ensure premium customer satisfaction and user-driven product development.