Leguan access platforms make great rental lifts thanks to their versatility, high utilization rate and excellent performance in any weather. In Nordic conditions, spider lifts are normally used from early spring to late autumn, but Leguans can be used year-round. Premium all-terrain capabilities make Leguans a perfect fit especially for locations that cannot be reached with other platforms or equipment.

User-friendly controls increase customer satisfaction

We placed a special emphasis in intuitive and easy controls in the design of our next-generation Leguan spider lifts. Their operations can be learned with very little training and renters usually require next to no technical support during use. User-friendly controls and premium safety features increase customer satisfaction which in turn increases the number of returning customers.

Advanced equipment level and safety features

Leguan access platforms have advanced equipment level and several features that increase work efficiency and safety in their stock configuration. For example, if the user runs out of fuel, they can resort to electric emergency lowering and bring the boom down safely without help or cumbersome hand pumps. The latest Leguan models feature a service display that makes troubleshooting and maintenance easy while guiding the user in operating the lift.

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Looking for a Leguan distributor?

Looking for a Leguan distributor?

Leguan Lifts works in close collaboration with our major customers and international distributors to ensure premium customer satisfaction and user-driven product development.