Facility and housing maintenance work requires versatile and reliable access platforms. Leguan lifts bring speed and ease to exterior and interior maintenance. Quick and safe transitioning ensures that moving the lift from one location to another is efficient. A Leguan spider lift is an excellent choice for locations that require working above ledges or canopies or near ceilings.

Compact size and low surface pressure

Thanks to their compact size and small outrigger footprint, Leguan spider lifts can be used even in narrow locations and between buildings. Their light weight ensures that surface pressure remains low and weight restrictions pose no issue. Whether you’re working inside a hall or in uneven terrain, a Leguan spider lift is equally suited for both locations and any project.

Energy-efficient and silent operation

Leguan spider lifts come equipped with a fuel-efficient diesel engine that ensures operational reliability especially in locations that require long transitions and year-round outdoor use. An electric motor ensures that the lift is silent and emission free in indoor locations and in the vicinity of buildings, and the automatic start-stop function reduces energy consumption.

Looking for a Leguan distributor?

Looking for a Leguan distributor?

Leguan Lifts works in close collaboration with our major customers and international distributors to ensure premium customer satisfaction and user-driven product development.