Painting projects often feature tight schedules, and the work must be carried out regardless of weather. Painters who trust in Leguan spider lifts report that thanks to our equipment they can work faster and take on more projects. An investment in a Leguan lift has enabled them more competitive pricing as they don’t have to waste time in setting up scaffolding or long preparations for projects.

Compact size and precise boom control

The compact-sized Leguan 135 NEO is a perfect fit for indoor projects and narrow locations. The boom structure is designed to enable smooth vertical movements which makes operating the lift easy even when close to the painting surface. Leguan spider lifts are known for their sturdy and steady booms that make precision paint work a breeze.

Premium performance on sloped surfaces

Leguan spider lifts are designed to be operated on sloped surfaces, and they are suited also for backyards and rolling terrains. Smart features such as automatic outrigger levelling make setting up quick and efficient. Our lifts are easy to drive straight to your project location while standing in the basket or with an optional remote control.

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Leguan Lifts enables Malerei Fischbacher AG to take on more jobs annually

Malerei Fischbacher AG is a professional painting company that is based in Niederuzwil, Switzerland. They are experts in many different areas, such as doing facades and industrial painting as well as serving private customers in general. A common denominator for all their work is that it often requires accessing high places and they need the ability to adapt to any given circumstances. The company has worked with Leguan Lifts access platforms for some time now and have only positive things to say about them.

Looking for a Leguan distributor?

Looking for a Leguan distributor?

Leguan Lifts works in close collaboration with our major customers and international distributors to ensure premium customer satisfaction and user-driven product development.