Leguan Lifts Oy, founded in 1990, concentrates on development and manufacturing of durable and reliable self propelled access platforms. We are part of the Finnish Avant Tecno group.

Leguan lifts

LEGUAN LIFTS specializes in designing and manufacturing reliable and technologically advanced self-propelled access platforms. Leguan has a long tradition in this field; the first self-propelled access platform with outriggers was introduced in 1994. Leguan Lifts is part of the fast-growing Avant Tecno Group from Finland.

Every spider lift is designed with extraordinary all-terrain capabilities and robust boom structure, which makes Leguans versatile and fit for any access job. Leguans are built to withstand all climates from the heat of Australia to the freezing cold winters of the Nordics. In recent years, Leguan Lifts has completely restructured their product selection introducing many unseen features and the most user-friendly interface to date.

LEGUAN LIFTS maintains close relationships with major customers and international distributors to ensure the highest standard of customer satisfaction and product development process. As a member of IPAF, Leguan Lifts promotes the safe and effective use of MEWPs worldwide.