Installation work

Fast and reliable Leguan spider lifts are a popular choice for electrical installations, rooftop and facade work, and different tasks in the event industry. Lightweight Leguan lifts are easy to transport and set up. User-friendly controls and advanced next-generation features help users focus on their work instead of operating the lift.

Smart features for increased efficiency

Advanced features such as automatic outrigger levelling make working on sloped surfaces quick and easy. Several of our models are equipped with a home function that enables you to automatically return the lift to transport position and back to the work position, making it easy to pick up tools or components from ground level. This also makes it efficient to wrap up work and move to a new location.

Easy to transport and high clearance

A compact self-propelled Leguan access platform is easy to transport directly to your project location with the Leguan trailer which can be towed even with light vehicles. Our lifts can be operated while mounted on a trailer for quick installation tasks. Leguan spider lifts feature a high ground clearance enabling quick trailer mounting and dismounting without any extra steps such as manually lifting a jib-boom or removing the basket.

Agile all-terrain Leguan brings ease to working on walls

Finnish company Stroitel Oy manufactures aluminum facade structures with over 40 years of experience. Operating from Kauhava, the family business is a flexible and trusted partner in projects both small and large throughout Finland.

Looking for a Leguan distributor?

Looking for a Leguan distributor?

Leguan Lifts works in close collaboration with our major customers and international distributors to ensure premium customer satisfaction and user-driven product development.