Better access and side reach with the Leguan 190

With over 35 years of experience in tree care, Brisbane Tree Experts really knew what they were looking for in a new spider lift: Access and side reach. That is exactly what the Leguan 190 was able to provide them with.

Some of the jobs Rick McCann and his crew at Brisbane Tree Experts need to do are located in the Brisbane Central Business District, so not every tree is accessible with large machines. When larger machines are out of the question, they have to climb the tree. They wanted to improve their work speed and safety and started to look for alternatives.

– One of the most important things that I was looking at when we purchased the machine was narrow access. The nine plus meters of side reach from the turret we get with the Leguan 190 really allows us to get out over pools, tennis courts, or fences, Rick explains.

Safety is the first priority

It is all about safety for Brisbane Tree Experts. Their utmost priority is to keep their customers and crew safe at all times. Rick also feels strongly that if he would not dare to climb a tree himself, he does not expect his crew to do so either. The Leguan 190 has enabled them to get jobs done they otherwise would not have been able to do at all.

– With the way that the Leguan 190 is set up, one can reach the controls to make really fine adjustments. That is important, because being up that high means that the smallest amount of movement can really swing one around. It can be quite daunting, Rick says.


User-friendly even for new users

Before Rick and his crew started to use their Leguan 190 in the field, they were taught how to use it by a qualified trainer. Rick also thinks that it is very user-friendly even if one would have next to no prior experience on using such machines.

– It is quite smart and clever even. It will warn you and let you get to a certain point and then that is it. There is no way you can override it. You either have to go higher, move it or completely rearrange the job, Rick explains.

Rick has been happy with buying the machine and also with how it has affected their work flow.

– The Leguan 190 has been a great addition to our fleet. It has not only improved work efficiency, but the longevity of the crew, he summarizes.

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