Leguan 125 revolutionized the all-terrain spider lift market

Leguan Lifts has designed and manufacturer lightweight self-propelled access platforms for almost 30 years. The first spider lift type access platform equipped with 4WD chassis was launched at 1994 and it received immediate attention from many markets including Germany and Norway. Soon after the start the access platform was upgraded with a hydraulic telescope, which kickstarted sales also outside Europe to countries such as USA and Australia. The first spider lifts were known under names such as Leguan plus and Leguan 110.

Sales numbers surged over thousand units

Around year of 2000, the height of the access platform was raised from 11 meters to 12,5 meters and the product was named Leguan 125, as the lift is still known today. This was the first Leguan also available with tracked chassis. In USA, this model was branded as Falcon 125. The sales of the L125 surpassed 1000 units before year 2011, when the next major upgrade known as the M1 version was published. Hundreds of this model version were sold all the way until 2018, when the last M2 upgrade was published. This

Unrivalled offroad capabilities and reliability

L125 model series was known especially for the market’s best offroad capabilities and reliable technology. Finally, more than 1500 units were sold, most of which to the export markets. As an example of the success of L125 is that it has been considered the backbone of the electric utility companies maintaining the electric network around the Australian outback. The Leguan spider lifts were built for operations in all conditions since the start. For this reason, they are built for efficient access even on difficult job sites come snow or mud.

L125 gives room for new generation spider lift models

L125 model series have been serving the market for three decades but now the time has come for it to give room for modern fleet of new generation spider lifts. In recent years, Leguan Lifts has introduced new spider lift models with increased focus on user-friendly and modern features that have raised the bar for the competition. The success of these new products has catapulted Leguan Lifts into unprecedented growth phase. More new products are to be launched during the coming years.

We congratulate the customer of the last L125 delivered from the factory and wish that your Leguan will serve you for the decades to come.