Leguan Lifts enters Italian market through new partnership

Spider lift manufacturer Leguan Lifts from Finland has signed a new distributor agreement with Avant Tecno Italia srl. The latter will take charge of sales and after sales in Italy.

Hugues Lambert, Export Sales Manager of Leguan Lifts comments, “Since Avant Tecno Italia has been selling for close to three decades the Avant product range in Italy, it is a natural move for Leguan to start collaborating with Emo Colopristi and his team. It is now a perfect opportunity to set foot in the Italian Peninsula and develop together awareness of Leguan as a brand and introduce a very different type of spider lifts that operators are used to in the tree care and building construction and renovation industry.”

Technical training session was part of the Leguan distributor training

New market with high demand for easy-to-use spider lifts on rough terrain

Leguan spider lifts are known for their unmatched user-friendly features, intuitive way to operate and all-terrain abilities. The combination of very easy handling, smart technologies, high performance and reliability is very attractive to the Italian market, especially for outdoor jobs. Leguan brings to the market a new generation of machines with unrivalled off-road features.  

Avant Tecno Italia will bring a fresh boost to the distribution of Leguan Lifts products on their territory. They are excited to add the new brand to their product portfolio and see great future potential for Leguan access platforms in Italy.

“Avant Italia is honored to represent the Leguan brand and will try to make it grow as it has done for the Avant brand in recent years” states Emo Colopristi, CEO of Avant Tecno Italia.

The new Leguan distributor Avant Tecno Italia was able to test run the spider lifts in winter conditions

Production expansion plans allow further sales network expansion

Sizable product development investments that were made to develop new generation Leguan spider lifts has helped Leguan to start growing their market share at an international level. Together with strong focus on strengthening its sales and distribution channels, Leguan Lifts has been experiencing unprecedented sales growth. Since 2020, Leguan Lifts has started expansion plans of their manufacturing capacity to match ever-growing sales demand.

There is fast-growing demand for spider lifts designed especially for all-terrain work and challenging job sites that most lifts are not designed to.

“Our customers are looking for solutions that allow them to work both efficiently and safely on aerial work sites related to e.g., tree care, renovation, installation work, and construction. Leguan spider lifts with market’s fastest set-up times and best gradeability provide more efficient solution compared to many traditional ways of doing work at height,” adds Jori Mylläri, VP Sales and Marketing of Leguan Lifts.

Avant Tecno Italia team was getting familiar with the manufacturing processes at the Leguan Lifts factory

Company description

Leguan Lifts specializes in designing and manufacturing reliable and technologically advanced self-propelled access platforms. In recent years, Leguan Lifts has introduced a new generation of spider lift models with increased focus on user-friendly and modern features that have raised the bar for the competition. Leguan Lifts is part of the Avant Tecno Group that is known worldwide for its compact loaders.

Avant Tecno Italia has been the distributor in Italy of Avant compact loaders and attachments almost since the latter started its operations back in the early nineties. With a network of dealers throughout Italy, Avant Tecno Italia is very known in the construction and agricultural sectors.