Leguan Lifts enters new market through partnership with Grolos

Spider lift manufacturer Leguan Lifts from Finland has appointed a new distributor partnership with Grolos s.r.o.. The new distributor will take charge of sales and after sales in Slovakia.

Jori Mylläri, VP, Sales and Marketing of Leguan Lifts comments, “We have heard a lot of good feedback about Grolos from other Leguan distributors in the region and are excited to start the partnership with them. All the preparations for the sales start have gone smoothly with their team, and we are expecting them to become a vital part of Leguan sales in this part of Europe in the future.”

New market with high demand for all-terrain capable spider lifts

Leguan spider lifts are known for their tracked chassis that provides high ground clearance and steady driving even when operated on difficult terrain. These features are important in a market such as Slovakia, which is covered by mountainous terrain. Demand for aerial lifts is growing steadily, but spider type lifts are still not that common yet in Slovakia, which makes this perfect timing for entering the market.

Grolos is the first ever distributor of Leguan Lifts products in their territory. They are excited to add the new brand to their product portfolio and see great future potential for Leguan access platforms in Slovakia.

“Leguan spider lifts have state-of-the-art features such as the advanced automatic levelling system and the fastest driving speeds of any spider lifts. We think that the market is ready for Leguan, as there are many projects around the country that would benefit from increased efficiency while working in heights,” states Radovan Fatul, CEO of Grolos.

Production expansion plans allow further sales network expansion 

Sizable product development investments that were made to develop new generation Leguan spider lifts has helped Leguan to start growing their market share in the international markets. Together with strong focus on strengthening its sales and distribution channels Leguan Lifts has been experiencing unprecedented sales growth. Since the start of the pandemic Leguan Lifts has started expansion plans of their manufacturing capacity to match ever-growing sales demand.

Jori Mylläri comments, “We have been looking to strengthen our sales network in Europe for a while now, but as we have grown in such a fast phase during the past few years (nearly 70 % sales growth last year) we were forced to postpone most sales expansion plans in new markets. After achieving the first steps of production expansion plans, we are ready again to start gradually welcoming new partners to our distributor network.”

Company description

Leguan Lifts specializes in designing and manufacturing reliable and technologically advanced self-propelled access platforms. In recent years, Leguan Lifts has introduced a new generation of spider lift models with increased focus on user-friendly and modern features that have raised the bar for the competition. Leguan Lifts is part of the Avant Tecno Group that is known worldwide for its compact loaders.

Grolos s.r.o. was originally found as a distributor for agricultural and forestry machinery. Soon enough, already in 2010 the product portfolio was enlarged by the cooperation with Avant Tecno Oy. Today Grolos is the Avant distributor for Slovakia, and agricultural and forestry machinery representations has been reduced to focus on growth with the Avant loaders. In 2022 Grolos starts new era as Leguan distributor, which emphasises the focus to all products of Avant Tecno Group.


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